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What’s the Weather REALLY like in Nanaimo?

So you’re moving to Nanaimo.

Everyone who lives there tells you how fantastic the climate is. Even Environment Canada says Nanaimo has one of the comfiest climates in Canada.

You say: “Yeah, yeah…but what’s the weather REALLY like in Nanaimo?”

I can honestly say the reports are true. The weather is mild year round. A few snowy days in winter, pleasantly warm in summer. We get the requisite west coast rain but that’s part of life here. Unlike other areas of the country, Vancouver Island stays lush and green in all seasons.

Nanaimo average temperatures by monthWe get to play outside year round!  The chart below is courtesy of Elderado County Weather.

Spring and Summer

  • Average summer highs are 21°C to 24°C during the day, dipping to 10°C to 12°C at night
  • Evenings you might need a light sweater or jacket
  • Lowest rainfall during these months
  • Average sunshine 8 hours a day

Fall and Winter

  • Above zero temperatures throughout the fall and winter.
  • Light snowfalls in winter with the occasional heavy snowfall
  • Average snow coverage is less than 8 inches.
  • Winter temperatures range between 0°C and 8°C.
  • Most rainfall occurs between November, December and January and averages 5 to 6 inches per month

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