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Nanaimo, BC is a wonderful community to build a home.  Find Nanaimo lots for sale including sq. footage, neighbourhoods, features, photos and prices in the listings below. 

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What To Consider When Choosing a Building Lot to Build a House On

It's fantastic!!! You've made your decision: you'll construct your own house in Nanaimo! Sitting with the contractor to decide how your home will appear and operate effectively for you (and your family) is a life-changing experience for everyone. However, before you get too thrilled about the inside and outside of your home, consider where it'll be situated.

Purchasing a building lot is not as simple as browsing online. While looking for a great site for your new home, use the following tips to research suitable lots in your chosen neighborhood.


You cannot wait until the construction employees start breaking ground to find out about property issues. Has there been any contamination of the soil? Might water runoff harm your home if the property is near a waterway? What is the impact of bedrock on your building costs? It would be best to ask such questions early on to avoid your dream home becoming a nightmare.

Also, when you're looking to invest, avoid purchasing a property with no profit potential (resale value). 

It would help if you had a broad notion of where you want to buy a lot before you go out looking for it. When selecting a location, numerous factors must be considered, including:

  • Proximity to health care, commercial areas, highways, and recreational facilities
  • Proximity to family or other loved ones
  • Distance from your preferred schools

Land development and use in the area

Do you prefer peaceful countryside views, bustling metropolitan areas, or a mix of both? Consider the sort of neighborhood you want to live in and do your research to make sure you get a lot with those attributes. The City of Nanaimo, planning office can provide you with information about the present and potential development in your lot's location. 

Also, keep in mind that new land subdivisions may take years to complete. While it may seem exciting to build your first house in such an environment, raising your family amid the dust, smoke, trash, and noise of building sites doesn't sound great!

The outdoor living spaces 

It's all too tempting to get entangled in the excitement of home construction. It may be in your fantasies to see your kids or pets playing in the beautiful and broad front garden and playing a pool volleyball game in the yard. However, if you are not interested in yard work, you might end up with a burdensome lot. For example, you may have to contend with the cost of employing a landscaping contractor to maintain your outdoor space. 

A corner lot typically has a larger lawn perimeter and will necessitate extra landscaping. A  lot in the middle of a street may be narrower, but it will demand less landscaping.

The type of lot.

Consider whether you want to add a pool, build a shed, or build a playground for the kids while planning your yard. There're various sorts of lots, each with its own set of advantages and disadvantages depending on your need. It's critical to iron out all the specifics ahead of time, so there are no unpleasant surprises later.

A wedge-shaped lot — This lot is ideal for pools, gardening, and other outdoor activities because the backyard area is larger than the front.

A corner lot — It has both a backyard and a side yard, which is ideal if you want to build a large garden or a side-load garage. The double exposure aspect of the lot will force you to design a home that has curb appeal on both sides, not only the front.

A T-shaped intersection — The line of traffic will be direct. Hence, it would be best to design a home that minimizes excess light in the primary living and bedrooms.

Besides, keep in mind that if your lot doesn't have a western or southern exposure to assist in the melting of snow or ice, your driveway or front steps could become perilous in the wintertime.

The bottom line

Choosing the right lot for your homesite becomes way easier if you do your research well.  But remember that even the best property has its drawbacks. The ideal lot is usually a tradeoff. As you restrict your alternatives and eventually pick the ideal lot, it's critical to keep your expectations realistic and know exactly what you're buying.

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