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10 Signs You Have Found The Right Realtor

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According to the  Vancouver Island Real Estate Board there are over 1,000 licensed real estate agents in Nanaimo and Vancouver Island. With that many people to choose from, how do you know if you’ve made the right choice?

Here are the top 10 signs that you’ve selected the right Realtor to help you buy or sell your home in Nanaimo.

#1 Great communication

Lack of communication can be frustrating for clients. That’s why the best real estate agents return calls or emails within a few hours. Just like other professionals like doctors or lawyers, realtors don’t work around the clock. Your agent will let you know what her normal hours are and how to get in touch if there’s an emergency.

#2 Listening skills

Realtors discover the needs of their clients by asking the client about their needs and desires. The right realtor will ask questions about your expectations for a new home, preferred method of communication, and time frame to buy or sell.

#3 High confidence level

The best real estate agents in Nanaimo have a high confidence level that’s second to none. They believe in themselves and their client and have the skills and experience to get the job done right.

#4 Experienced

The odds are you wouldn’t choose a doctor or lawyer who’s fresh out of school and newly licensed. Selecting your realtor is no different. When you interview agents, ask them screening questions such as how many transactions they handle each month and what parts of Nanaimothey specialize in. Lastly, get the names and numbers of previous or current clients to use as references.

#5 Strong motivation

Not giving up easy is another sign you’ve got a great real estate agent. If an obstacle comes up during your transaction, you can rest assured that the buck won’t be passed to someone else. Realtors with strong motivation levels find ways to get the deal moving along, even when it means being creative and thinking outside of the box.

#6 Skilled negotiator

You don’t want to pay above market when buying or leave money on the table if you’re selling your home. Realtors with top negotiating skills aim for a win-win deal between the buyer and seller. They provide you with expert guidance in negotiating the right price, contract terms and conditions like closing and possession dates, and how to handle minor “nit picky” repair requests from the home inspection.

#7 Professional

For most people, buying or selling a home is one of the largest financial transactions they’ll ever make. Professional realtors take themselves and their clients seriously. Signs you’ve got a professional real estate agent include showing up for appointments on time, dressing in business attire and having a nice car, and properly using grammar when speaking and writing.

#8 Not pushy

If you have an agent that acts like a used car salesman, you’ve made the wrong choice. On the other hand, you know you’ve got the right realtor when she doesn’t try to talk you into accepting a low-ball offer or agreeing to everything the other party asks for without negotiating something in return.

#9 Trustworthy

Your realtor should be someone who’s comfortable to be around, yet isn’t afraid to tell you the truth, even if it hurts. During the home buying and selling process, you’ll be sharing financial and other confidential information with your agent and you want to be comfortable enough to do so. Stay away from agents who are desperate and are more concerned with their bank account instead of your interests.

#10 Marketing expert

In today’s competitive Nanaimo real estate market, sales and marketing go hand in hand. The best realtors are experts are harnessing the power of the internet to help their clients. You know you’ve got a great Realtor when she has both a company and personal website, and active social media profiles.

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