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10 Top New Design Trends For 2020

New Designs For home

What makes some homes for sale in Nanaimo sell faster than others? The key to getting your full asking price and giving buyers what they’re looking for is the design of your home and the way it looks.

Let’s take a look at some of the top new design trends for 2020:

1. Luxurious velvet

While it’s not for everyone, the possibilities for velvet go far beyond the red velvet upholstery of yesteryear. Some of the hottest and trendiest vibrant colors of velvet in 2020 are blues and taupes, pinks and burnt orange.

2. Vintage and traditional detailing

Details from the 1800s and 1900s are rebounding in design trends the same way that velvet is. Vintage chairs, tables, lamps and shelving with spindles and spooled legs are being incorporated as statement pieces into a room’s overall design.

3. Geometric patterns in balance

Over the last few years geometric patterns have been trending upward. Today, it’s easy to find natural elements like stone and tile almost everywhere. Geometric patterns in 2020 are all about boldness and balance. Bathroom tile, entry ways, upholstered chairs and throws are all great ways geometric patterns can be used to revamp your favorite room.

4. Flower-power wallpaper

Smaller spaces in homes for sale in Nanaimo like guest bathrooms and foyers are the perfect place for floral wallpaper with large scale and bold colors. As with geometric patterns, wallpaper that packs a flower-power punch has been around for a while. In 2020, expect to see the same pleasant patterns with a nod toward the 21st century.

5. Black and white

Think of black and white as the yin and yang of your design color palette. Located at either end of the color spectrum, black and white decor can be used in a countless number of ways to update a room’s design. From black and white marble in the kitchen to white throw pillows on black upholstered sofas, this complimentary color clash is becoming one of the go-to design trends for 2020.

6. Eco-friendly sustainability

Expect to see more and more sustainable materials used in design as Canadians continue to gravitate toward more eco-friendly living. Earthy elements like sustainably harvested acacia and rattan, and recycled brick contribute both ecological and ethical components to the sustainable materials design trend of 2020.

7. Quartz is the new granite

If you’re thinking about remodeling your kitchen, remember that quartz is the new alternative to granite in 2020. That’s because quartz is much more durable and easier to maintain than granite or marble. In fact, today’s trendy quartz designs look so much like granite that’s it’s difficult to tell one material from the other.

8. Mixing metals

Silver, gold, copper, and tin are all in for 2020. In fact, mixed metals create harmony and balance the same way that black and white colors do. Metals that go together include silver and brown, or iron matched up with gold or bronze. In the kitchen, tin panels are becoming an increasingly popular choice for a backsplash option in 2020.

9. Japanese aesthetic

In Japan, natural materials are used in simple forms to create a core feeling of purity and minimalism. The soothing aesthetics of this 2020 design trend go beyond rattan and cane. Wood-charring is a compelling texture for furniture and decor, while origamiinfluences are being used to inspire shapes, patterns, and details.

10. Biophilic design

Biophilia is the practice of integrating nature and natural elements into man-made construction to reduce stress and create a sense of well being. The biophilic design trend in 2020 is easy to create. Adding a BioMontage or a short low-maintenance wall to an interior room or outside space can help improve mental health and the entire ecosystem of your home in Nanaimo.

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