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2011 cruise ship schedule for Nanaimo

2011 cruise ship schedule for Nanaimo

2011 cruise ship schedule for Nanaimo

The 2011 Nanaimo cruise ship season will see several ships visiting Nanaimo this summer and fall.   The ships will be docking at Nanaimo's brand new cruise ship terminal.  This will mean that passengers will not have to be tendered into shore.

The terminal opened in early May. The first ship to dock there was the Norwegian Pearl.  Apparently the dock was a breeze for the captain to manoeuvre in and out of.  Once passengers came ashore they were loaded onto regional transit buses and taken on a five-point guided tour of the city. 

It is so much easier for passengers to leave the ship if they don't need to hop into a tender.  They can just walk off the ship and tour around town if they choose.  80% of passengers from the Norwegian Pearl left the ship on either a shore excursion or just to roam the city on their own.   In the case of the Norwegian Pearl this translated into 1981 visitors milling around Nanaimo.  What a wonderful boom to business this is for Nanaimo.

The following two ships are still scheduled to visit Nanaimo this year:

Celebrity Millennium
September 10, 2011 Saturday 7:00 am - 5:00 pm
Norwegian Star
September 25, 2011 Sunday 7:00 am - 5:00 pm



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