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2011 December Blogging Challenge - #13

Yesterday, I attended class 14 of the Tom Ferry sales programme our office is doing.  We are almost at the end of the programme.  Yesterdays session was on how to take what we have learnt over the past 14 sessions and implement it.  I have picked up some great ideas over this course.  I have written up a to-do list.  Basically I want to choose several of the ideas we have discussed and incorporate them into my 2012 plan.

In the afternoon, I attended a session put on by one of our most successful Realtors.  He invited those of us who had been in the business for 16 months or less.  He has built his business by doing open houses and he wanted to share some of his open house techniques with us.  It was very generous of him.  I came away with several great ideas.

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