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The 5 best things about Living in Nanaimo

The 5 best things about Living in Nanaimo

On this beautiful, sunny August day I have been reflecting on how much I enjoy living in Nanaimo.  I was listing in my head what I really appreciate about living in this lovely city.  Hence, a great blog post idea!

Living in NanaimoThe top 5 things about Living in Nanaimo

      1.       The people - Many of the people who live in Nanaimo, live here by choice.  There are many transplants like us, who made a conscious decision to move their families or themselves to this harbour city.  This group of transplants noted all the positive aspects of Nanaimo and chose to live here based on those aspects.

      2.       The beaches - I love that I am able to walk, within minutes, to a lovely beach.  In fact if I ride my bike or drive I have a huge choice of different, often empty, beaches I can choose from.

      3.       The islands surrounding Nanaimo -   There is wonderful boating around Nanaimo.  There are a number of islands within a 10-60 minute boat ride.  If you are not boaters you can still enjoy three of the nearby islands by ferry.  Newcastle, Gabriola and Protection Island are all serviced by ferries.

4.       The scenic views- One of the best things about living in Nanaimo, are the views.  You could hike up to different lookouts on Mt. Benson or other surrounding mountains and be awestruck by the views of Nanaimo.  If you aren’t up to a hike you can cruise along streets in North Nanaimo, Departure Bay and Lantzville and be dazzled by the views of the ocean and surrounding islands.

5.       The Public facilities – Nanaimo has two wonderful aquatic centres as well as four sheets of ice and an ice rink for curling.  There are a number of well-lit baseball and soccer fields.  In addition there are many playgrounds dotted all over the city.

I know I could think of many more things about living in Nanaimo that I love.  However, this blog post might become an essay.  To learn more about living in Nanaimo and Nanaimo’s neighbourhoods click here.

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