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Best home renovations for return on investment

Best home renovations for return on investment

I was reading through the Home Renovation Survey conducted by the Appraisal Institute of Canada.  The

point of the survey was to determine which home improvements afford homeowners the best return on

investment when it’s time to sell.

The following renovation projects provide the highest ROI potential for homeowners:Home renovations that pay back

       Bathroom renovations ( 75%-100% payback)

       Kitchen renovations  ( 75%-100% payback)

       Painting- both interior and/or exterior (50-100%)

The following projects have average pay back potential:

        Roof shingle replacement ( 50-80% payback)

       Furnace/heating system  ( 50-80% payback)

Basement renovation (50-75%)

Addition of a Rec room (50-75%)

Installing a fireplace (50-75%)

Flooring (50-75%)

Constructing a garage (50-75%)

Window/door replacement (50-75 %)

Building a deck (50-75%)

Central air conditioning (25-75%)

The following renovation projects have the lowest payback potential:

Landscaping  (25-50% return)

Interlocking paving (25-50%)

Building a fence (25-50%)

Asphalt paving (20-50%)

Adding a swimming pool (10-40%)

Installing a skylight (0-25%)

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