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Buying a house in Nanaimo? Top 9 reasons to work with a Realtor

Buying a house in Nanaimo?  Top 9 reasons to work with a Realtor 

Why go it alone when buying a house in Nanaimo?  Some buyer’s think that with all the information they can access online, that they could probably buy a house on their own; without Realtor representation.  So, if you have wondered about the same thing I’d like to share the top 9 reasons why it makes sense to have a professional Realtor on your side.

 Lynn Donn Nanaimo Realtor1.       Realtors are trained to know how to buy a home.  Most consumers are not.  It   makes   sense to hire a professional when purchasing your most valuable possession.


2.       A Realtor has neighbourhood knowledge.  They can supply you with comparable sales that have taken place in the neighbourhood.  They can tell you why a house sold for what it did.  They can tell you about schools, crime levels and many other factors that define a neighbourhood.


3.       Price guidelines.  A Realtor cannot tell you what to offer on a house but they can supply buyers with information on market supply, demand and the current market conditions. Once an offer price has been determined the Realtor will devise a negotiation strategy.


4.       Local real estate market statistics.  A good Realtor will be up on the local market statistics such as median and average sales prices, average time on the market, and ratios of list-to-sold prices, among other criteria.  Having access to this information will have a huge bearing on what you ultimately decide to do.


5.       Access to other professionals a buyer will need during a real estate transaction.  Real estate agents network with other professionals, many of whom provide services that you will need to buy or sell.  Realtors cannot suggest a professional. However, they can supply a list of several names for you to choose from.


6.       Negotiating skills.  A good Realtor is a good negotiator. Unlike the home buyer, a Realtor can remove themselves emotionally from the negotiations.


7.       Realtors know how to handle the volumes of paperwork that make up the normal real estate transaction.


8.       Realtors assist in the subject removal and closing process.


9.       Working with a Realtor, to purchase a home is FREE to the buyer. 


Buying a home is an expensive process with occasional pit falls.  Hiring a Realtor to assist you in the process makes sense.  The best part is that working with a Realtor to purchase a home is FREE!  Realtors are paid by the home seller.  It really doesn’t make sense to go it alone.

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