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Female home buyers a growing trend

Female home buyers a growing trend

Why The Buyer Of Your Nanaimo Home May Be A Woman

Across North America - and Canada and B.C. especially - the odds are that the first-time buyer of your home will be female.


In the old days a woman had to have a man in order to buy a home.  Think dual income and perceived stability.

Women home buyers in NanaimoNow days, having one income and no man is not a problem.

Societal trends are changing, and women far more often than men are not waiting to find the right mate before buying their first home.  More and more women are going to college, getting higher educations and careers and getting on with their lives instead of sitting around waiting for Mr. Right.

It's a trend that has been growing for some time and one that clearly isn't going to go away.

If your home in Nanaimo is on the market, be aware that female home buyers are often tougher to sell to than are men.  


Women tend to spend more time considering job security, budget and overall cost to buy before taking the plunge into home ownership.  They don't want to run the risk of draining their savings account on home repairs and tend to be more concerned about living in a safe neighborhood.


But no matter if your a single female home buyer, a man, or part of a couple, owning your own home give you distinct financial advantages.  If you want to turn a house into a home, you almost have to own!


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