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Four Ways To Stage Your Home For Free

The essence of home staging is that you're trying to make your house look like a model home - even when you're living in it!

In today's competitive real estate market it's important to make a strong, positive impression on buyers who look at your home for the very first time. 

While living in your home at the same time you're trying to make it look like a model might seem like an impossible - and a very expensive task - it's really not.

Here are four easy ways you can stage your home for sale in Nanaimo for free:

1.  Put personal items in storage.  Buyers who look at your home want to imagine that they can live in your house.  Having personal family photos on the wall or kids' drawings on the refrigerator distract buyers too much.

2.  De-clutter.  Do you have knick knacks, extra furniture, un-used workout equipment or other such things lying around the house?  Find a spare space in the garage, or if needed temporarily borrow extra storage space and make your home clutter-free.

3.  Focus on one item per room.  When a buyer steps into a room their eyes should automatically move toward one focal point.  This might be a seating area in your living room, the island in your kitchen or the carved wooden headboard in your bedroom.  Other, smaller pieces of furniture should be used to compliment.

4.  Use lighting to your advantage.  Nothing makes a room look more drab than poor lighting.  If you have a room that lacks natural light, use smaller table and floor lamps to light those dark corners.  For those rooms that have large open windows, open the blinds or drapes and let the sun shine in!

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