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How to Deal with Problem Neighbors

How to Deal with Problem Neighbors

Does this situation sound familiar?

Yours is one of the best houses for sale in Nanaimo BC, except for one tiny little thing. Next door are the neighbors from h***.

The neighbors are a problem for a lot of reasons, especially if they’re responsible for your deal falling through. Keep reading to learn my best tips on how to deal with problem neighbors in Nanaimo.

Types of problem neighbors

Remember the movie from way back when with Clint Eastwood, “The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly”? Well, problem neighbors fall into three similar categories as well. Except for being good, bad, or ugly they’re: Somewhat Annoying, Definitely Annoying, Absolutely Positively Annoying.

Let’s take a look at the best ways to deal with each type of problem neighbor.

Somewhat Annoying Neighbors

Examples of somewhat annoying neighbors: Small children next door are fussing and screaming night and day, neighbors who always park in front of your driveway, pet owners who think your front yard is a park, neighbors who just absolutely, positively have to visit with you all day long.

How to deal with neighbors that are somewhat annoying:

Definitely Annoying Neighbors

Examples of neighbors that are definitely annoying:

Make the party animals from the movie “Animal House” look tame by comparison, people who gossip about you and everything else because they have too much free time on their hands, teenagers rehearsing in the garage who are absolutely sure they’ll be the next Rolling Stones.

How to deal with definitely annoying neighbors:

  • Take the neighborly approach and get to know the neighbor. They’re probably not bad people, maybe just a stay-at-home mom who’s a little overwhelmed or someone who genuinely doesn’t know where their doggie goes.
  • Avoid accusing the neighbor of wrongdoing. Instead, keep your approach friendly and light by letting them know why you’re getting annoyed.
  • Find a go-between to help mediate the problem. If you’re renting where you live (while you’re looking at houses for sale in Nanaimo), enlist the landlord’s help by having him take the lead with the annoying neighbors. Or, use a mutual friend or acquaintance to act as a mediator who can help solve the problem.

    Absolutely Positively Annoying Neighbors

    Examples of absolutely, positively annoying neighbors: Psychotic, jump the backyard fence and steal your patio furniture, hoarders (inside and outside of their home), conduct criminal activity on the sidewalk in front of your house.

    How to deal with this type of annoying neighbor:

    • Enlist the support of your other ‘normal’ neighbors because it’s easier to handle annoying neighbors in a group than all on your own.
    • Call the landlord and complain if the neighbors are renting. Trust me, the last thing a landlord wants is trouble with the local government staff and will move quickly to solve the problem. Because if he doesn’t act, the government will.
    • Research local laws and ordinances about noise levels to see if you can make your case in court, and maybe even receive some financial compensation for all of the trouble the neighbor is causing.
      • Start a neighborhood petition and collect evidence that will give the bad neighbor no other choice but to move. At this point you may want to call the police or talk to a lawyer.
      • Consider cashing in your equity and moving to a new neighborhood in Nanaimo. If the neighbor poses a threat to your health and safety – and it’s taking the authorities forever to do something about it – maybe it’s time to move. Talk to your real estate agent and ask her for comparables to learn how much your home is really worth.
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