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How to Prepare For Your Move

How to Prepare For Your Move

Houses are selling in Nanaimo. With the right realtor, they’re selling quickly and at a fair market price, so its best if you prepare for your move even before you put your home in Nanaimo on the market for sale.


Are houses sellingHere are a few of my favorite tips to help the move to your new home go as smoothly as possible.

Know where you’re moving to

This might seem like common sense, and even a little bit silly, so you might be surprised at how many people selling a home in Nanaimo don’t give a lot of thought where they’re going to move to.

Remember, houses are selling in Nanaimo, and with a good realtor your home could probably go quickly and your sale could close a lot quicker than you think.

Start packing now

If you haven’t moved for a while you’ll find that it takes a lot longer to pack everything up than you ever imagined.  So, the sooner you start the better.

Plus, if you start packing right away you’ll be able to reduce some of the clutter that you might have inside your house.  That will make it easier for a prospective buyer to imagine how well they’ll be able to make your house their home.

Shop around for movers

If you’re going to be using a professional mover it does pay to shop around.  You may be surprised at how much prices can vary from one moving company to another.

But the lowest price doesn’t always mean the best mover.  Ask your realtor, or friends and family, to refer a mover to you.

Just as with real estate, finding the best professional services are often found through  word of mouth.

Remember, houses are selling in Nanaimo, so the more prepared you are for your move the more enjoyable it will be!


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