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How To Tell If A Nanaimo Home Is Overpriced

How To Tell If A Nanaimo Home Is Overpriced


Tips On Spotting An Overpriced Home

Some Nanaimo real estate agents may tell you that pricing your home above market is a good way to start, because you can always reduce the price later on.


While you certainly can make one or more price reductions while you’re marketing your home for sale, over pricing your home is always a mistake.


Overpriced homesThat’s because you’ll have fewer showings and the qualified buyers that do look at your home for sale will likely not come back – simply because they’ve found another home in Nanaimo to buy that’s more realistically priced.


Here are a few tips on how to tell if a home is overpriced, and how to avoid over pricing your home if you’re considering selling in Nanaimo:


If you look at the price of a home for sale and your first reaction is, “Wow, why does it cost that much?”, then what you’re looking at is an over priced home.  That’s not to say that you won’t get showings – you will – but the Nanaimo real estate agents and buyers looking at your home will be curiosity seekers, or they’ll be using your overpriced home to compare to another home for sale in Nanaimo that’s more reasonably priced.


Often times a Nanaimo Realtor, who knows the market well, can ‘read between the lines’ and get an idea of what kind of showing traffic there is, and what kind of feedback potential buyers are giving about a house on the market.


Using this information, you’ll be able to get a good idea and be able to tell if a home is overpriced.


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