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Inexpensive Bathroom renovations that pay off

Inexpensive Bathroom renovations

Are you considering a bathroom renovation before you list your house to sell? Here are some tips on how to do inexpensive bathroom renovations that pay off when you want to sell your home.  

Some Do's and Don'ts's when renovating your bathroom.

Inexpensive Bathroom renovationsDon't - do expensive tub and shower repairs or replacements.  These are a matter of taste and it is not possible to know what the taste of your prospective buyer will be.

Don't - install huge built-in storage.  Again this is a matter of taste and very expensive.

Do - Replace dated bath, sink and shower fixtures.  Fixtures are like hardware in a kitchen.  New, fashionable designs give your bathroom a real facelift.  They are fairly inexpensive but can make a huge difference.

Do- Update paint colour.

Do- Freshen up the focal point over the sink.  Add a new mirror and put a bright new light fixture over top.

For other   inexpensive bathroom renovations ideas please give me a call.

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