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Nanaimo Real Estate from Jan-Sept 30 2012 – What's been selling?

Nanaimo Real Estate from Jan-Sept 30 2012 – What's been selling?

I’ve been reviewing the sales to date in Nanaimo, for this year. VIREB has calculated the Nanaimo real estate sales numbers for the past 10 months.  Most months I look at the sales from the previous month.  However, this month I am going to share the year-to-date numbers.  I believe that the year-to-date numbers will give us a more accurate reading of the Nanaimo real estate market.

Knowing what is going on in the Nanaimo real estate market is important for both buyers and sellers.  For buyers looking at real estate in Nanaimo the main concerns are price, selection and timing.  For people selling their Nanaimo home the important factors are timing, level of inventory (competition) on the market and how much they can ask for their home. I hope the following figures and stats will assist both buyers and sellers navigate their way through their real estate transactions.

The pie chart below shows how many homes sold in Nanaimo by neighbourhood From Jan. 1, 2012- Sept. 30 2012.

House sales by Nanaimo neighbourhood

This next chart shows the average selling cost of homes by Nanaimo neighbourhood between Jan. 1st 2012- Sept. 30 2012.

Nanaimo real estate market

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