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Nanaimo Real Estate as of June 1 2012 - What’s selling & for how much?

Nanaimo Real Estate as of June 1 2012 - What’s selling & for how much?


How does one analyze the state of the Nanaimo real estate market?  This is a very important question for both buyers and sellers.  For buyers looking at real estate in Nanaimo the main concerns are price, selection and timing.  For people selling their Nanaimo home the important factors are timing, level of inventory (competition) on the market and how much they can ask for their home. I hope the following figures, stats and graphs may assist both buyers and sellers in making real estate buying and selling decisions.

Nanaimo Real Estate StatisticsHere’s the type of real estate that sold in Nanaimo in May 2012 (source VIREB):

Property Type    Number of unit’s        Average price

Single Family            109 units                  $349,554.

Condo (Apt)               23                             $192648                         

Condo (Patio)               10                           $289,520

Condo (Townhouse)    18                            $271,188

Lots                               6                           $162,280

The single family home, unit sales were identical to May 2011.  However, prices were down by 8% the condo market unit sales were also down by 28% and condo unit sale prices were down by 17% and townhouse sale prices were down by 12%.

These numbers indicate fewer sales overall compared to May 2011.  Prices are considerably lower over all property types.

For additional information regarding the Nanaimo Real Estate Market please contact me or visit my Nanaimo real estate statistics page.


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