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Nanaimo real estate statistics- April 2011

Nanaimo real estate statistics April 2011

VIREB recently released the Nanaimo real estate statistics from April 2011.

The most notable change in the April 2011 market when compared to April 2010 was the number of single family units sold.  In April 2011 there were 87 single family units sold in Nanaimo compared to April 2010 when there were 137 units sold.

The Cumulative Residential Average Single Family Sale Price is aproximately $6700. higher than April 2010 and $7000. higher than April 2009. 

The following are the single family market changes for April 2011 compared with April 2010

- There were 1% more units listed this April than were listed in April 2010.

-  29% fewer units were sold this April when compared to April 2010

-  The average sale price per unit for April 2011 was 2% higher than April 2010

-  The average days to sell in April 2011 were 51 days compared with April 2010 which was 45 days.

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