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Nanaimo real estate statistics- April 2012

Nanaimo real estate statistics April 2012

Here is a review of real estate in Nanaimo for the month of April, 2012. 

Nanaimo real estate statistics for single family homes

Nanaimo real estateThe Cumulative Residential Average Single Family Sale Price is down by 2% over April 2011.  The average sale price was $368,181 in April 2012 compared to $374,501 in April 2011.

The following are the single family market changes for April 2012 compared with April 2011

-  There were 238 units listed this April compared to 236 units in April 2011. – Up by 1%

-  There were 114 units sold this April compared to 87 sold in April 2011 – Up by 31%

-  The average sale price per unit for April 2012 was 2% lower thanApril 2011

-  The average days to sell inApril 2012 were 54 days compared with April 2011 which was 51 days.

-  The average unit sold in April 2012 received 96% of asking price.  In April 2011 the average unit sold for 95% of asking price

-  The sell/list ratio (how many listed homes actually sold) was 48% in April 2012 versus April 2011 which was 37%

Unit sales were up considerably over last year.  The market was certainly brisker this April than last with  31% more sales this year.  That is a great sign for sellers.  The other encouraging number is the sell/list ratio.  This percentage has gone up by 11 percentage points over the same time last year.  This indicates that there are fewer houses languishing on the market.

Sale prices were down over last year by 2%.  With a slightly lower average price and 31% more sales it would appear that home owners are listing their homes at market value opposed to over pricing.  If a home is priced right it will sell.  It’s just a matter of time.

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