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A Nanaimo Realtor’s Secrets to Selling Your Home for Top Dollar

A Nanaimo Realtor’s Secrets to Selling Your Home for Top Dollar


If you’re planning on selling a house you want to maximize the return on your real estate investment, and that means selling your home for top dollar.

Here are some of my tips on how to sell a house and get the most for your home:


Selling Your Home for Top DollarPricing


While it’s tempting to take a “let’s see if we can get this price” attitude and price your home above the market, this is always a mistake.  Trying to sell a house that’s overpriced will either not attract people to look – or – the people that do look at your home for sale will NOT come back when you decide to price your home realistically.


Know Your Competition


In order to price your house for sale at market value, you’ve got to know what other home sellers in Nanaimo are doing.  Your real estate agent can provide you with up-to-date sales and asking comparables.


Organize, Clean Up, and Show


Before you put your house on the market, talk to your realtor and ask for her honest opinion of what prospective buyers will think of your house in its current condition.  Often times some easy landscape cleanup, a fresh coat of paint, or a little de-cluttering can move your house for sale to the top of a buyer’s check list.


Inspect Your Property


Almost all buyers will want to have a professional home inspection done before finally committing to buy your house.  Rather than have a qualified buyer find a problem with your home that you may not even be aware of – and one that can become a deal killer – it’s a good idea to do your own home inspection before putting your house on the market to sell.  This way, if there’s anything that needs to be corrected you can do any necessary repairs beforehand.


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