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Organizing Your Garage

Organizing Your Garage

It's springtime and in our house that is a time to organize our garage. Over the winter months we have heaped our ski equipment, snow shovel, salt etc. haphazardly in our garage. By the time spring arrives it is a mess!

As a Realtor I get to view a lot of homes and from what I have seen we are not alone in this.

organizing your garageHere are a few tips on organizing your garage.

•- If you use the garage for small woodworking projects or other chores that require a sturdy surface, consider installing a fold-down table on the interior wall. When not in use, you can simply lift the table back up and into place.

•- If you have any items that are broken, outdated or simply unusable for any reason, toss them out. One of the first steps to organizing your garage is to get rid of the things that you no longer need or can use.

•- If you have tools that are rarely used, put them away so that you can place the most commonly used tools in the forefront.

•- When it comes to organizing any part of your home, including the garage, properly categorizing your items is essential. This will help you to locate everything quickly and efficiently. You can use storage bins, shelves and even clear drawers for sorting your items.

•- If you typically use your garage to store hardware, such as nails, bolts and other small items, try organizing them in a clear glass jar instead of leaving them lying loosely in a toolbox.

Bicycles, ladders and other large items can be mounted on the wall using the proper hook or other support.

Organizing Your Garage is an essential part of preparing your home to sell. For additional ideas on preparing your home for a quick sale please contact me.

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