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Yes! Extras like staging, videos and professional photos do sell homes faster

Professional photos do sell homes faster

Do people really look for homes online? Yes! In this day and age, the internet offers a plethora of information and is becoming the most crucial tool for selling properties.

What is the first thing that people see when looking to buy a home online? The pictures.

Perhaps you are wondering if professional photos of your property are really that important? Should  my Nanaimo Realtor use a professional photographer to highlight my real estate listing?

Here are the five reasons we use a professional photographer for our clients listings :

1. To create an engaging first impression

Images are the first point of contact that the buyer will have with your property listing. Should you take pictures of your house with your smartphone? No. Images taken by a professional photographer are of high quality and are much superior. 

2. Hire an expert because he is an expert

A professional can nail the picture-perfect photography. A capable photographer is an expert who has experience highlighting a home’s space and design. He knows how to use proper lighting and the right features to highlight the attributes of the property.

3. You may be able to get more buyer's to view your home

High-quality images attract more buyers, thus increasing the demand and value of your house. Images provide a more in-depth look at properties in a fast and efficient way. This can attract local buyers as out-of-town buyer's.

4. Gives you a competitive edge

Professional photos will grab the attention of the internet browsers and help your property to stand out against other houses. It is a perfect marketing tool to engage prospective buyers.

5. Helps you sell faster

Though it may seem faster and simpler to take a photo yourself, the truth is that superior images will help in selling the property faster.

Preparing your home for professional photos

A well taken photo can highlight the most minute details. So, it is important to clean the house completely. Get your house sparkling clean. Start with decluttering your kitchen and remove s much as you can from the counter tops. Put two or three objects on counters at the most. Do the same for every other room.

Clear away everything other than large pieces of furniture and light fixtures. Store all the excess items inside your wardrobes and cabinets. Scrub and clean everything thoroughly. Clean all the mirrors, floor and other surfaces thoroughly. Get the carpets professionally cleaned especially in high-traffic areas as this will brighten up your space dramatically.

Now that you have cleaned and made your house clutter-free, the next step is staging. Staging can be done on your own or you could hire a professional staging company. Staging your home will give you great pictures of your home and in turn attract more buyers. Add small objects like a fruit bowl on the dining table, white towels in the bathroom, a bottle and two glasses of wine on an outdoor table which will make your home look professionally staged.

Cleaning, decluttering and staging your home will not only help in getting excellent listing photos but also help you in the later stages when potential buyers visit your home for viewing.

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