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For Sale By Owner Nanaimo Homes

For Sale By Owner Nanaimo Homes

When the market is really strong it’s not that unusual to see an increase in the number of Nanaimo homes being sold by their owner.

In one respect this makes perfect sense.

When Nanaimo homes on the market are receiving multiple offers almost immediately when they’re put on the market, who can blame an owner for trying to save on the sales commission when selling their Nanaimo home?

Nanaimo HomesBut the real estate market in Nanaimo can quickly change.

So, how do you know when the time is right to stop trying to sell your Nanaimo home yourself and hire a Realtor to do it for you?

How Do You know it’s Time To Hire A Realtor?

Here are three signs to watch for that will let you know that it’s time to hire a professional Realtor to sell your home in Nanaimo:

1.  You start receiving low-ball offers on your home.

Now granted, this can happen even if you have a Realtor representing you.  But the reality of the marketplace is that buyers – sometimes unscrupulous buyers – will target FSBO properties with the hope of taking advantage of the owner.

2.  Nanaimo Realtors are not showing your home.

Another marketplace reality is that most of the Nanaimo homes for sale are listing in the MLS, and serious buyers know this.  If your home isn’t listed in the multiple listing service in one way or another, you’ll be losing a very big percentage of prospective buyers for your house.

3.  You’ve had more than one offer fall through.

Just like with getting a low-ball offer, having an offer fall through can happen to anyone.

But when you have a professional Realtor working for you, you’ll have somebody who understands the potential pitfalls that may arise, and who can help you prepare your property and help you structure your sales contract so that the odds of your home sale falling through will be greatly reduced.


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