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Selling your home? Here's how to prepare your home for the photographer

Selling your home

Pictures sell homes! Most real estate buyer's these days start their search for a home online before they even consider getting into their car to do a drive by. First impressions matter; that’s why it is so important to have good pictures of your home.

In most cases, when I take a new listing, I hire a professional photographer. For the photographer to get the best pictures possible, I recommend that the sellers take the following steps to prepare their house:

  • Bedrooms - Put clothing away into closets, drawers or other storage. Do not leave any clothes hanging on the back of doors. Put away any personal items so that bedside tables, dressers and bookshelves are decluttered. Make beds neatly – the use of nice bedding, cushions etc. give a nice cozy feeling to bedrooms. Turn on bedside lamps. Remove anything from under the bed that may show in pictures. Put away any cords, chargers, remotes and tablets. Close closets.
  • Bathrooms – Remove all personal items from surfaces including toothbrushes and extra toilet paper. Leave just the basics in your shower or bathtub area. Lower the toilet lid. Remove all mats and put out only clean and unused towels. Close closets.
  • Kitchen – Clear the counter tops as much as possible. Try to find a place to store those small appliances such as kettles and toasters. Make sure no food is left out and that all dishes and cutlery are put away. Remove all fridge magnets and any personal items such as calendars.
  • Pets – Put away pet blankets, beds, toys, litter boxes and food dishes.
  • Living and family rooms – Try to hide the remotes, gaming equipment, toys and any obvious cords. Turn all TV’s & computers off. Remove all shoes from doorways. Remove stacks of magazines and declutter the hearth of the fireplace. Fluff and arrange furniture cushions.
  • Lights & windows – Replace any burnt out bulbs and leave all lights on. Open curtains and blinds to let the most amount of light into the house as possible.
  • Exterior of house – Relocate all vehicles, RV’s and boats. Avoid parking in front of the house. Conceal your garbage and recycling bins from street view. Close garage door. Remove any empty planters and children’s toys and bikes and any obvious garden hoses. Mow, trim and remove any dead leaves.
  • Back yard & deck – Don’t forget the back yard. Put away any yard clutter and set up yard furniture in such a way as to suggest a comfortable outdoors life style. Sweep your deck and arrange some pretty planters if the season allows.
  • Dining room table – Remove child seating. Space chairs evenly and dust chairs and table. If available, lay a nice table with matching place settings. Have one centre piece in the middle of the table such as a bouquet of flowers.

Following these steps can make a huge difference to the quality of the final pictures. For additional information on preparing your home to sell please contact me.

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