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Should You Skip Doing A Home Inspection?

A former client of mine who moved to one of the Eastern Provinces called me the other day to ask whether or not she should get a professional home inspection done on a house that she and her husband were thinking about buying. To my surprise my friend was thinking about skipping the home inspection.  She reasoned that after so many years and owning several homes they pretty much knew what to look out for when buying a home. Unless you are a professional contractor buying a home, skipping a professional home inspection is never, ever a good idea. Here's why: First and foremost, home inspection professionals inspect homes for a living.  That means that a single home inspector typically investigates one or two homes each and every day.  They become familiar with the different home builders, common repairs that might be needed due to climate or neglect . . . and they simply know what to look for. Because a professional home inspector is a disinterested party, he is not involved in the emotional part of buying or selling the home and can look objectively at the house and deliver to you a factual, unbiased report on the condition of the home. That doesn't mean that you have to ask the seller to repair everything that might be broken or in need of updating.  But at the very least you will be avoiding any unpleasant surprises with the home that you want to buy, and can budget and plan accordingly. 250-756-1132  
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