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Should you stage your house

 Should you stage your house

Should you stage your house to help it sell faster?  Is it worth the time and expense to go to all that trouble?  I say YES!

I do a number of open houses as a Realtor.  I have been in homes where the owners took the time to stage their home.  Quite honestly, there is no comparison between a home that has been staged and one that has not.  Stage your house 

As an example:  I did an open house yesterday that was a family home.  The only way I knew that a baby and a toddler lived in that house was that I had seen their beds.  If you have ever tried to sell your home while you have small children around you will know how exhausting and trying it can be to keep everything tidy.  The parents in this house had de-cluttered so well that even the toddlers room was uncluttered.  The best word to describe that house was minimalistic.  A number of couples walked through the home and commented on how nicely it flowed .  There was a relaxed feel to the house and I noticed that the visitors seemed relaxed as they walked through.  Comments were positive . 

It is important to remember that when you are trying to sell a house you want prospective buyers to visualize their own belongings in the home.

There are some very simple steps you can follow to stage your house.  Take a moment and stand in the doorway of each room and try to picture how a stranger would view it.  Clear off all tabletops and shelves except for a vase or an ornament or two.  Think about what a nice hotel room looks like when you enter.  Often they look cozy and warm but also generic.  In other words anyone could be comfortable there.

I have a DVD that I lend to clients that shows a lot of tricks to stage your house.  If you would like to borrow it or if you have any staging questions please give me a call.

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