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Single women and real estate sales in Nanaimo

Single women and real estate sales in Nanaimo

 I was interested to learn that according to NAR (National Association of Realtors) 20% of home buyers in 2010 were made up of unmarried women.   It stands to reason that this statistic stands true for real estate sales in Nanaimo, in 2010.   What was equally interesting was that only 12% of single men purchased real estate during the same time.

 Single women and real estate sales in NanaimoThere were 8% more single women than single men buying real estate in 2010.  According to The Joint Center for Housing Studies in the US there are several reasons that single women are buying homes:

   1.        Relocation for job or family;

   2.        Desire for a larger space;

   3.        The desire to have a home of their own (nesting)

   4.        Low mortgage rates

    5.        Desire to have a rental property should their circumstances change  ( marriage)

 It would make sense for builders to note this new trend of single women and real estate sales. According to the above mentioned study; builders should include the following features when targeting single women home buyers:

 Gourmet kitchens, Security features, and low maintenance yards and upkeep.

With this statistic in mind I was reviewing some of the strata, new construction properties available in Nanaimo that might appeal to single women home buyers.  Two that come to mind are Meredith Courts in Central Nanaimo and The Luxfords on Lexington in North Nanaimo.


For additional information on single women and real estate sales in Nanaimo please contact me and I would be happy to work with you on finding the right home.


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