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Stephenson Point Neighbourhood Association AGM

Stephenson Point Neighbourhood Association AGM

Last night I attended the 2011 Stephenson Point Neighbourhood Association AGM.  I didn't just attend I spent the evening madly scribbling the minutes as the new secretary.  The position was available so I thought it would be a great opportunity to keep up-to-date on the goings on in my neighbourhood.

Some of the agenda items were:

Stephenson Point Neighbourhood *  Update on the Century Group development: They are still in the process of completing development permit approval.  Construction should start sometime in 2012.

*  Traffic concerns once the Century Group development begins. There will be additional traffic on Wavecrest, Meadowland and Greyhawk.

*  The new stairs on Stephenson Point end in a landing and do not allow access to the swimming area on the beach.  City Parks will complete the stairs to the beach but not until 2012.  Ratepayers offered to assist with the work but due to liability issues the city must do the work.

*  The neighbourhood has voted down the need to add sidewalks on Stephenson Point Road.

*  Mckinnon Park Playground meeting scheduled at the park May 28th to discuss new structures for the park.

*  City representatives were on hand to review the new zoning bylaws and the Official Community Plan and how it ties in with neighbourhood plans.

If you live in the Stephenson Point Neighbourhood and would like more detailed minutes of the meeting please email me and I will forward them to you.

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