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Suggestions to home sellers on how to make the perfect first impressions

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We make up our minds about someone new within minutes, if not seconds of meeting them. Your home is no different. The first impression that your home makes to a prospective buyer is the strongest. The first impression will linger in the memory of the buyers long after they have left your property after viewing. When they consider the property’s pros and cons, hours, days or weeks after viewing, the first impression will still be a deciding factor.

The first impression should not be overlooked as there might not be a second chance. You will have to put in a lot of legwork to make that tiny slice of time as memorable and as effective as possible. You should take a few steps before putting up your home on the market, both online and offline to make a great first impression. Not sure where to begin? Let’s understand the simple steps to put your home’s best face forward:

1. Focus on the exterior

When a prospective buyer comes for viewing, the first and foremost thing they will notice is the exteriors of your home. Make it as attractive as possible. Clean up your curb area, your front space. Add some greenery and flowers near your front door. It brings a smile to the visitor’s face before they even enter the home.

2. Make your home clutter-free

After cleaning the outside, focus on your home’s inner beauty. It is almost impossible to make a great first impression with a messy property. An untidy home can affect the buyer’s mood and make it difficult for the viewer to see a true impression of what your property has to offer. The main goal is that the potential buyers envision your home as their dream home. It would be impossible for them to do so if your stuff is lying everywhere in the house.

3. Fix all the loose and broken fixtures

You may not want to splurge on major renovations of your home before putting it on the market. Ideally, you should repair the small damages or broken fixtures so that the viewers have a good first impression. You can boost a tired home by repainting the walls. It’s an effective way to brighten up any space. Small repairs in the kitchen and bathroom will go a long way. A professionally cleaned carpet, especially in the high-traffic areas is also recommended to improve the look and feel of your home.

4. Appeal to all the senses

Once your home is cleaned and fixed, focus on how you can engage the other senses of a potential buyer. Make sure your home doesn’t stink. Remove all the harsh chemical smells and put some flowers out there. Also, you can play soft music at the time of viewing. You can bring warmth to your home by adding some soft cushions and throws to your space. A nice water feature at the entryway can bring in the calm. Make it comfortable for the buyer.

5. Create a great first impression - online!

Creating a great impression online is very important as the millennials are more inclined towards finding a property online before they go and see the property in person. Your realtor can hire you a good real estate photographer who will professionally click very good pictures of your home with a powerful camera. This will improve your online listing by a great deal. Also, put all the details of your property correctly in your listing.

First impressions are lasting impressions. Within seconds, someone viewing your property will know whether they want to own the home or not. Try to wow your buyer with the great first impression and remember that the efforts you put now will pay off later.

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