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Ten Ways To Make Your Small Home Look Larger

Do you have a 'cozy' home that you are trying to sell? The fact is that for most baby boomers looking to downsize, a smaller home is going to be quite attractive to them. However, the challenge is that for many buyers who are looking to move from a larger home to a smaller home, there is a little bit of a 'smallness' shock.  By that I mean people who are used to living in a large, spacious home may be a little overwhelmed by the 'coziness' of your home. So, with that in mind, part of your job and your realtor's job is to make your small, cozy home look larger. There are several easy and inexpensive ways you can do this. 1.  Consider repainting with light, bright colors that will visually increase the size of each room. 2.  Use accent lighting to brighten the dark corners of a room. 3.  Replace dark curtains with lighter colours and fabric, or consider installing light-colored shutters instead. 4.  Remove any large pieces of wall art that might 'over power' the size of a room. 5.  Use area rugs to define individual spaces within each room - doing this makes it easier for a buyer to visualize multiple uses within a single space. 6.  Strategically use wall mirrors to make a hall, bathroom or sitting room look larger. 7.  If you have a galley kitchen, removing the cabinet doors can make your smallish kitchen look larger and stylish. 8.  As with the wall art, if you have a big screen TV (and I mean BIG) seriously consider temporarily replacing it with a smaller sized screened television. 9.  If you have dark furniture fabric, you can inexpensively lighten up your chairs and sofa with inexpensive, natural-fabric throws. 10.  De-clutter by putting things in a closet, or if you're short on space invest in some affordable yet attractive storage boxes. 250-756-1132  
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