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Things To Look For When Viewing a New Property

Things To Look For When Viewing a New Property

The home buying process can be intense so its important to be as prepared as possible.

The first visit to a house generally gives you a gut feeling whether it can be your dream home. You can understand whether the house fulfills your basic requirements. There are certain minute details that you should look for when viewing a property which you might regret later if you miss.

Here is a list of things that you should look for when viewing a new property. Use the following guidelines to make a detailed assessment of the home’s condition that you are viewing to purchase:


Location is the most important factor to consider when you are looking for a new property. Visit the area multiple times and preferably at different times of the day. Check how the local area is at rush hour, on weekdays and over the weekends. Spend some time to understand the proximity of amenities like restaurants, cafes and local shops. If you have children of school-going age, you would want to make sure that there is a good school district in the vicinity. If possible, speak to the neighbors to understand if they are facing any problems in the area.


Check if the paperwork is clear. Also check for the costs like that of the gas, water and electric bills. This will help you find the cost of living in the area.

Is the size of the house and the rooms as per your requirement

Once you are inside the house, spend some time to visualize the house as per your requirement. See if the house will fulfil the requirements of all the members of your family. Keep in mind the future requirement also, when your family grows. See if all the room sizes fit your needs.

Assess the roof

Roofs have a life expectancy of 15-20 years. Make sure you ask when the roof was installed and check the warranty and required papers. Don’t be afraid to ask questions as it is difficult for a non-expert to know everything about the roof just by having a look at it. You can even take an expert opinion.

Check the windows

Open and close the windows to check if they are getting locked properly. Check if the window frames are in good condition or cracking. Study the double insulation to see if it needs repairs to keep the house warm and save energy.


Damp walls and ceilings could show water leaks and even damaged roofs. Check all the walls – both interior and exterior to see if there are any cracks or seepages. Look for any signs of fresh paint because sellers might use it to conceal damp spots and leakages. Also, check for leaks behind the toilet.

Electrical wiring

Electrical issues would be hard to decipher through the naked eye. You can get an expert to learn if there is any problem with the wiring.


Run the taps to check the water pressure. Enquire if the taps are insulated and check how long does it take for hot water to come through the tap. Check that the flush mechanism works properly.

Check what’s included

Understand what you are getting for your money. Check what is included in the price. Do you get the furniture, light fittings, wood burner, white goods in the kitchen such as a fridge and washing machine?

You should visit the property with a family member or a friend. Not only is it safe but also if you have more people inspecting any property, it is easier to find out any problems. View the property more than once. Even in fast-moving property, it is best to view the property many times to find out if there are any potential possible. Once you have written an offer that has been accepted by the seller you will want to hire a professional inspector to inspect the properly in a more thorough manner.

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