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Thinking about downsizing your Nanaimo home?

Thinking about downsizing your Nanaimo home?

Is your house too big? Are you having trouble with stairs? Is there too much upkeep? Or, Are you just ready for a change?

As a Nanaimo seniors Real Estate Specialist I am aware of the unique needs and issues that mature property buyers and sellers have.

Downsizing your Nanaimo homeWith this in mind I have put together a questionnaire to help seniors decide if now is the best time to downsize.

Making the decision to move to a smaller space is extremely difficult for many older adults. If you've lived in your home for several decades, then leaving it may feel like an enormous loss. If your children have moved on, it may feel like your house is all you have left. You may think that your house is keeping you connected to those happy memories of years past, BUT none of that matters if your house is no longer safe for you.

I am committed to supplying you with the very best of senior services available in the Nanaimo and surrounding area.




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