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The Three Most Important Things A New Homeowner In Nanaimo Should Know

The Three Most Important Things A New Homeowner In Nanaimo Should Know

You've finally found the perfect dream home you've been searching for and today is the big day!

Moving in to a new home is exciting and you've probably got a lot of plans to make this house your home. 

Here are the top three things that a new homeowner in Nanaimo should know:

Top 3 things for new home ownersWhen you were pre-approved for your mortgage your lender explained how your monthly payment would work, but above and beyond that it's important to budget for the routine repairs and improvements that will arise no matter how old or new your home is.  Some new home buyers even set up a separate account for their repair funds. 

Leaky faucets may need to be fixed, an electrical fixture might stop working, a window shade may need to be replaced, or a broken window pane may need to be repaired.  While many of these are 'small ticket' items the costs can add up if you're not careful.

Next, when planning for major home updating - things like remodeling the kitchen, adding a second bath or building an additional bedroom - remember that not all updating is equal. 

Many new homeowners think that if they spend $30,000 remodeling their kitchen that the value of their home has increased by that same amount.  Unfortunately that isn't the case, although kitchen and bathroom remodeling can come very close.  You probably worked with a Realtor who represented you when you bought you home so be sure to use her as a sounding board to learn what updates can add the most value to your new home.

Going green is much more than just a passing fad.  Simple things like using energy-efficient lighting, low-flow shower heads and toilets, digital thermostats, adding insulation, making sure that your doors and windows are properly weather-proofed, and a smart use of landscaping will not only make your new home more eco-friendly but can also end up saving you money much sooner than you might think!

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