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Three Reasons Three Bedrooms Homes Are Better Than Two

A time tested adage of real estate is that - once you've decided on the location in Nanaimo that's best for your needs - you should try to get the most space for your money. There are a number of reasons buyers opt for three bedrooms homes over two bedrooms homes. 

Here are what I find to be the top three:

1.  A third bedroom gives you multiple options.Three bedroom house in Nanaimo

Even if you're a first time home buyer just starting out, or a newly retired couple, that extra second and third bedroom can give you a number of choices - anything from a home office, to an entertainment room, or simply just extra storage space.

2.  You will find a use for that extra space.

Many beginning buyers get so involved in the home buying process that they fail to look beyond the present and don't anticipate their future needs, figuring that they only need one bedroom for themselves and a second bedroom for guests.  But just like when your home in Nanaimo has a finished basement or attic to make use of, people are always surprised at how quickly they find a use for that extra third bedroom.

3.  It's easier to sell a three bedroom home.

Think about it this way:  When it comes time to sell a two bedroom home, you're pretty much excluding families from being potential buyers.   This is where a good realtor can help you think about not only what you are buying now, but what the future pros and cons will be.

Now, to be fair to two bedroom homes, here are three reasons you may not want to buy a three bedroom house:

A.  If you've focused on buying in a prime location in Nanaimo your home buying budget may become uncomfortably stretched when buying a three bedroom house.

B.  If you do buy a three bedroom home, you'll need to decorate and maintain that extra space.  If you're new to home ownership and don't already have a lot of furniture and decor, you may find a better use for your decorating dollars than furnishing an empty third bedroom.

C.  If you're buying in an urban area, having only three bedrooms may not be an issue at all when it comes time to sell.  That's because areas like this tend to attract young professionals and empty nesters who are downsizing from a large home that they already own.

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