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Top 10 Repairs To Do Before You Put Your House On The Market

Top 10 Repairs To Do Before You Put Your House On The Market

If you've been following my blog for a while then you already know the importance of doing a pre-listing home inspection before you put your Nanaimo home on the market.

But what if there are a lot of repairs to be done, or your budget is a bit tight?  

The 'must-do' repairs fall into either the Safety or Cosmetic categories.  Cosmetic repairs are those that may not be or seem serious, but are very visible and can be eye sores.  Safety repairs on the other hand are those that might not be visible, but will be found during a buyer's inspection - making the buyer wonder what other unknown safety issues your house might have.

Sell your Nanaimo homeTop 5 Cosmetic Repairs

1.  Peeling or chipping paint, especially in older homes where lead-based paint might be an issue

2.  Kitchen or bathroom odors caused by a dirty air filter or poorly operating ventilation fan

3.  Scuffed flooring or stained carpet can almost always be easily fixed by a professional cleaning service

4.  Bathroom tile grout and sealing that's old and dis-colored can be easily repaired with do-it-yourself materials

5.  Knicks or holes in a wall can be filled, sanded and painted by a handyman in no time flat

Top 5 Safety Repairs

1.  Stair railing loose or wobbly?  Get that fixed right away!  Besides being a potential safety issue, can you imagine what would happen if a potential buyer had an accident . . . ?

2.  Uneven flooring or upturned carpet edges can cause a trip-up during a showing.  You might be used to stepping over a 'bump in the rug' but odds are your prospective buyer and her Realtor are not.

3.  Malfunctioning electrical outlets that spark are normally easy handyman repairs

4.  Tilting or tipping stoves can be restrained with a simple no-tip bracket

5.  Exterior drainage problems that cause ice or water puddles to form near your door or stairs are often due to clogged gutters or loose connections

All of these repairs can be done quickly, easily and inexpensively and help to turn a prospective buyer into one that's 'ready, willing and able' to buy your home for sale in Nanaimo.


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