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Top 3 Best Staging Ideas

Top 3 Best Staging Ideas

How To Stage Your Home

Staging is a way of making your home for sale in Nanaimo more attractive to would-be buyers.

For a vacant house that means making the home look lived in.  For an occupied home that means making the home seem not-so-lived in.

The general idea of staging a home is to make your house for sale look a little bit like a 'model' home, without going too far over the top.

Here are my top 3 staging ideas when you have your home for sale:

Staging your Nanaimo homeWall Hangings & Art Work

It's very easy now days to find large, inexpensive pieces of art work that can tie into your existing color scheme and fill up empty wall space.  If you currently live in your home, consider taking down many of the family photos or grandpa's paint-by-number art - Your goal is to get a potential buyer to imagine that they live in your home, so you don't want to have anything that distracts them from that idea.


Just as wall hangings and art work can fill up vacant space, smartly placed lighting can brighten those dark corners and accent areas of your home that you want to highlight.  Consider using higher wattage light bulbs than you normally would - it sometimes helps to think of each room or part of your house as being on a movie set, so how you arrange the lights when staging might be quite a bit different than when you are living in the house.


We've used art work to fill up space and we've used lighting to fill up and brighten space.  Furniture can be used the same way.  It's usually better to have one or two pieces of larger furniture - something that ties into your existing color scheme - with a couple of smaller accent pieces to compliment the larger ones.  If you've got too much furniture go ahead and put it into off-site storage - you'll be surprised at how less furniture can make your rooms seem so much larger.


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