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Top 3 New Construction Building Trends

Top 3 New ConstructionBuilding Trends


New home builders onVancouver Islandare masters at quickly reading up and coming trends and responding to what new home buyers want – sometimes even before the buyer knows what she wants!

Here are three new construction building trends in BC that are worth keeping an eye on:

1.  Flexibility

New construction trendsMany buyers on Vancouver Islandhave become less extravagant with their wish lists and are looking for different things in homes today.  Flexibility is one key requirement.

Flexibility means that buyers are looking for rooms that can be used for more than one purpose.  Gone is the formal dining room. 

In its place new home buyers are more apt to look for room that can be used for more than one purpose – a bedroom that can be used as an office, for example.


 2.  Homes within Homes

As more people double-up, or share the same home with another generation, this is one trend that new home builders are really keeping an eye on.  In some cases again parents have moved in with their kids, or recent college grads are back to living with mom and dad.

Many builders are starting to see a demand for dual master suites and even homes that contain a separate apartment with its own kitchen, sleeping and living areas.

3.  Green Homes

As I’ve written before, ‘green’ or energy efficient homes are a trend that’s not going to go away.

Compact fluorescent bulbs and Energy Star appliances are common place now in new homes, but some builders are starting to see the ‘net zero energy home’ go mainstream.  Net zero homes are ones that create as much energy as they consume.

Tight building envelopes – homes that don’t leak air where they’re not supposed to - and homes with solar panels that can power the entire house are two examples of the up and coming net zero energy home trend that you’re likely to see more of in new Vancouver Island real estate.

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