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Want to sell your Nanaimo home? 7 Tips to make it stand out

Want to sell your Nanaimo home?  7 Tips to make it stand out 

Want to sell your Nanaimo home? MSN Real Estate did a survey amongst their readers to see how to get your home to stand out.  Here are some of the tips that were sent in:

Readers' No. 1 suggestion, expressed in many different ways was” Clean every square inch of your property and keep it clean until closing”

Sell your Nanaimo homeHere are the top six other suggestions that the Editors felt were the strongest suggestions made by their readership.

1.     Pictures – It is the norm these days to shop for a home online before going out to physically view homes.  With that in mind it is so important to have clear, bright well defined pictures of the property.  These pictures may be the difference between a prospective buyer choosing to view your home; or not.  There are so many bad pictures out there that a listing with good, clear pictures will definitely stand out.

2. Curb appeal – First impressions of a home are from the curb.  Great curb appeal goes a long way in marketing your home.  Some of the suggestions from the article are to have sand, dirt or pebbles swept clean.  Does it need to have leaves, cigarette butts or other debris cleaned up? Are there weeds or grass growing in the cracks and crevices of your curbs and sidewalks? Concrete curbs (sidewalks, driveways, etc.) that are badly cracked or broken should be replaced. 

3.   Keep it clean – Many of the readers said they were turned off by homes that weren’t clean.  Not every prospective buyer can see past the dirt.  It is well worth the cost incurred to hire a cleaning service to deep clean your house before you list it.

4. De-clutter and pack some things away – Pack away the things you don’t need in your daily life.  For example: if you only use your blender once a year for your annual Margarita party; get it off the counter and into a storage box.  More is not better when trying to sell a house.

5.   Smell – The smell of your home can make or break the sale.  If you are not sure how your house smells (hard to know when you live there) invite a good friend in and ask them.

6. Pre-inspect your home before it goes on the market -   Many inspectors offer a pre-inspection service.  Of course this costs money.  However, it would make a huge difference to find out about issues with the home and have them repaired prior to an offer coming in.  I have been involved in several deals that have collapsed due to a poor inspection.

For additional ways to make your Nanaimo home stand out; please give me a call.  I will forward you my checklist on preparing your home to sell.


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