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What houses will look like in 2015

What houses will look like in 2015

I was reading a very interesting article about a study completed by the NAHB (National Association of home builders).  This survey sheds light on the likely characteristics of the average, new single-family detached home in 2015.  This survey was released in December 2010 in a report titled The New Home in 2015.

Many of the members of the association were wondering what to anticipate in the way of changes over the next five years in the home building industry.  The survey was sent out electronically to 3019 builders, designers, architects, manufacturers and marketing specialists.  A total of 238 responses were received.

 Below are the top five findings from this survey:

•       1  The average, new single-family home will be smaller and have more green features

•       2  The living room will either vanish or merge with other spaces in the home

•       3  The "Great Room" is the likeliest room to be included in the average new home

•       4  Low-e windows and engineered wood products are the likeliest green features

•       5  A double sink, recessed lighting, and table space for eating are very likely in kitchens

The chart below (courtesy of indicates the percentage of respondents who believed the following trends were likely to occur.

Housing in 2015 



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