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Thinking of living in Nanaimo? We’ve compiled a comprehensive list of facts and information about Nanaimo for anyone considering a move here.

Below you will find information for people moving to Nanaimo including:

  • About Nanaimo
  • Getting to Nanaimo
  • Weather in…
  • Nanaimo neighbourhoods

    The Vancouver Island Real Estate Board (VIREB) divides the City into 18 different Nanaimo neighbourhoods. With so many neighbourhoods to choose from how does one choose where to live?

    Please click on any of the following Nanaimo neighbourhood links to be redirected…

    Why it makes sense to buy real estate in Nanaimo

    Now, is the right time to invest in real estate in Nanaimo. I'd like to share with you why I believe the time has never been better to buy real estate here in Nanaimo.

    Nanaimo is poised for growth.  I believe this to be the case for the…

    The Nanaimo Relocation Guide

    Are you thinking about moving to Nanaimo? I was in your shoes in 2007. I had so many questions about Nanaimo real estate and neighborhoods, the Nanaimo job market and how the Nanaimo schools ranked.

    It turns out that Nanaimo is everything we had hoped it would…

    The Quick Guide to Local Churches, Temples and Places of Worship in Nanaimo

    Finding your spiritual home when moving to Nanaimo is yet another aspect of relocating and buying a house. In Nanaimo, you’ll find local churches, mosques, temples, and meeting places for all types of faith groups and…

    Oh, the details…packing up and moving an entire household to a new place has to be one of the most stressful things ever. Don’t panic! Everything you need to know about moving to Nanaimo is right here:

    The BEFORE YOU MOVE Checklist
  • Update your address — with banks, credit card companies…
  • Are you moving to Nanaimo with a pet in tow?

    Our pets are family members too and making sure they are happy in their new home helps with the transition. You need to know where to find the local vet, the animal hospital for emergencies, off-leash dog parks and pet supply stores.

    No matter what the season, we`ve always found things to do in Nanaimo. In the spring, summer and fall, we stay outdoors as much as possible, taking advantage of hidden walking trails and secluded beaches, boating the Gulf Islands, and fishing. And because we love swimming, we always make time…

    Like all cities in BC, Nanaimo has gone through its share of economic changes. What started out as a coal town in the mid-1800s has grown into a mostly service-based economy with a skilled local workforce.

    If you’re an entrepreneur, retailer, service professional, or home-based business,…

    Moving to Nanaimo, or anywhere for that matter, is more than just finding a house. I can help you consider the best Nanaimo neighbourhoods, schools, and water views, but what about the less-glamourous side of relocating, like finding a new doctor, or dentist? How close is the nearest Nanaimo…

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