Secondary suites in Nanaimo FAQ
Six Common Questions About Secondary Suites In Nanaimo

In previous posts I've covered legal and authorized suites, so let's wrap up this 'suite' discussion by answering some frequently asked questions about Secondary Suites.

What is a 'secondary suite'?

A secondary suite is a self-...

Buying a home in Nanaimo? How To Start The Home Buying Process

During a recent get-together with some of my fellow Nanaimo Realtors we had a pretty lively conversation about the mistakes that buyers often make when they begin looking for a house to buy.

There’s no doubt that buying a home...

How To Research The Nanaimo Real Estate Market

Many of my clients ask what the best way is to quickly get to know the real estate market in

Nanaimo. My answer may surprise you.

 The best way to get yourself up to speed on the real estate market is to visit open houses.


Is It A Good Idea To Buy A Fixer-Upper in Nanaimo?


You’ve probably seen commercials on TV, or have read some things on the internet, or maybe even attended a free seminar about all the money that’s to be made in buying fixer-upper real estate.

If you’re thinking about buying a...

Top 3 Things That Can go wrong in a real estate transaction


 You’ve probably heard more than one story about how a buyer or seller were a day away from removing subjects on the sale of their home and out of no where there was one unexpected delay after another.


Here are...

Top 3 New ConstructionBuilding Trends


New home builders onVancouver Islandare masters at quickly reading up and coming trends and responding to what new home buyers want – sometimes even before the buyer knows what she wants!

Here are three new construction building trends in BC...

Nanaimo properties many struggle with making the decision of whether to buy a new home or a resale home. Both new and resale homes have their advantages and disadvantages.


Here are some of the common reasons why buyers might choose to favor a new home inNanaimo over a resale home.

10 Things To Look For In A House


Sometimes there aren’t a lot of homes for sale in Nanaimo to choose from and sometimes it seems like there are too many choices.

Either way, it helps to have a check list to make sure that your top wishes for a new home are being met.


How To Spot Overpriced Homes For Sale In Nanaimo


Everybody wants to make money in real estate.  Even if you’re just buying a home in Nanaimo to live in and enjoy, it’s satisfying to know that at the end of the day you’ll have some equity built up in your home – maybe even something to...

5 Things to Do Before You List Your Nanaimo Home

If you’ve just decided to list your Nanaimo home for sale , the first thing that you probably decide to do is call your real estate agent to come by and complete a listing agreement.

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