Nanaimo real estate stats

Real estate in Nanaimo- Absorption rates
Real Estate in Nanaimo - Absorption rates

One of my jobs as a Realtor is to be aware of trends in real estate in Nanaimo.  Tracking absorption rates on a month-to-month basis helps me understand the real estate market in Nanaimo and where it is headed.

The definition of absorption rates...

Nanaimo real estate statistics

VIREB recently released the Nanaimo real estate statistics from February 2011.

The market appears to be more of a balanced market in comparison to the fall market.

The Cumulative Residential Average Single Family Sale Price is in line with sale prices...

 Should you stage your house

Should you stage your house to help it sell faster?  Is it worth the time and expense to go to all that trouble?  I say YES!

I do a number of open houses as a Realtor.  I have been in homes where the owners took the time to stage their home.  Quite...

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