An accepted offer on your house
Now that I have an accepted offer does that mean my house is sold?

There are two types of offers; one with conditions and ones without.  

Conditional offers:

If you have accepted an offer that has conditions (also known as subject to’s) it means that the buyer has placed one or...

We just received an offer on our house - Now what?

There is nothing as exciting as receiving an offer on your house.  Exciting and nerve racking! 

Getting that offer is just step #1 in the process of actually selling your house.

As a Realtor, once I receive an offer for my...

A Dog's Place Is In Your Home . . . But not when your Home's for sale

Many people say that dog is man's best friend.  And that's probably true.  But not when your home in Nanaimo is for sale.

Here are a few tips on what to do with your dog when you're trying to sell your house.


Home Seller’s Net Sheet

Are you wondering how much you'll have left over after selling your home?

Nobody likes “surprises” and too often home sellers forget the associated costs of selling their Nanaimo property.  

On the worksheet below, I have listed many of the associated costs...

What Nanaimo Home Buyers Really Want

While women may never be able to figure out what men want, and men may never be able to figure out what women really want, one thing is for sure . . .

It's much easier to figure out what a home buyers in Nanaimo really wants.

Here are the top 3...

If You're Feeling Lucky Then Don't Bother Using A Realtor

Do you have to use a Realtor when you sell your home in Nanaimo?  

No, of course not.  But by being a FSBO, not using a real estate professional to sell your house could end up costing you a lot more than you ever imagined.


The listing agreement is signed – now what?

Now that the listing agreement has been signed what happens next?

The first week after your home hits the market can be busy!  A new listing gets the most attention both online and off when it is new to the market.  Not only will the new listing...

How to know if it’s time to sell your house?

Is there such a thing as the 7-year itch when it comes to moving house?  According to; in the United Kingdom, the average person moves every six years and Americans move, on average, about every 5 years.  I think it stands to reason that...

Do Open Houses help sell homes?


Should I have an open house to help sell my Nanaimo home? This is a question that pops up more and more often these days.

My husband and I found and bought our first home at an open house.  We attended the open house and made an offer that night.  ...

Four Easy Ways To De-Clutter Your Home

If you're like most of us you probably have a little more - or maybe a lot more, or maybe a whole lot more - things around the house than you really should have.

When you're living in your home that's one thing, but when it comes time to put your...

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