Packing to move
How To Avoid Movers Remorse

If you are going to be making a move soon, here are a few tip to follow to help avoid making mistakes after you move:

1.  Doing everything yourself - the advantage to using a professional moving service is that you have somebody else to do the heavy lifting,...

Moving costs to budget for

Many people are surprised to discover just how expensive moving can be, even if all you are doing is moving across town.

The biggest part of your home moving expense is how you move.  By that I mean, do you hire a professional moving company and have them do all...

The Four Best Ways To NOT Sell Your House

Are you tired of having your Nanaimo home on the market, month after month, without even getting a single offer, even a low-ball offer?

At the risk of being brutally honest, the reason that your house is not selling could be  . . . You!  Or rather...

How To Motivate People To Buy Your Home

As I've mentioned in previous posts, smart home sellers will always remember that buyers have choices.

Everything else being equal, qualified buyers will usually go for the home with the best asking price, and the one that gives them the best value...

Knowing When To Reduce The Asking Price Of Your Home

For most of us our house is our biggest investment, so when it comes time to sell it is only natural to try and make as much money as possible.

Your realtor can tell you what the normal 'days on market' is for homes like yours.  But if...

What happens after subject removal?

Once the buyers have removed or waived all of their subjects, the sale of your house is subject free and may proceed to completion.  

The buyer’s agent will send us a copy of the signed final subject removal addendum.  At this time the SOLD sign will be...

How To Get Your Vacant House Sold

In some ways getting your vacant home sold can be easier than selling a house that you're living in, provided that you follow a few simple steps.

First, make sure the utilities stay turned on when your home is vacant.  When you do this it's much easier to...

What are the usual conditions that are placed on an offer?

As a home seller it is a good idea to educate yourself about the key components of a real estate contract of purchase and sale.  Of particular importance to you, when deciding on whether or not to accept an offer, are the contingencies...

Now that I have an accepted offer does that mean my house is sold?

There are two types of offers; one with conditions and ones without.  

Conditional offers:

If you have accepted an offer that has conditions (also known as subject to’s) it means that the buyer has placed one or...

We just received an offer on our house - Now what?

There is nothing as exciting as receiving an offer on your house.  Exciting and nerve racking! 

Getting that offer is just step #1 in the process of actually selling your house.

As a Realtor, once I receive an offer for my...

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