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10 Reasons the Holiday Season is a GREAT time to sell your home!

10 Reasons to sell your Nanaimo home over the Holiday Season

I was just sitting down to write a blog post on why the Holiday Season can be a good time to sell your home.  However, I stumbled across this great post by Jeanna Martinez, a Remax Realtor from Texas.  She has presented some pretty solid reasons on why the Holiday Season can be a great time to get your house SOLD. 

I thought that, rather than writing my own post on the subject, I would share this one with you.

Via Jeanna Martinez (RE/MAX Access):

 10 Reasons the Holiday Season is a GREAT time to Sell your Home!

Ok, you need to sell your home.  You just got notice of a job transfer, you are getting married and moving to live with your new husband/wife, you just found out you are having a baby and need more space, your last child is graduating and you need less space, whatever the reason….you need to move!

Common sense might tell you that you should just wait until January to put your house on the market because, well quite frankly it might be kind of a pain in the rear to keep your house in “show ready” condition during the hustle and bustle of the holidays.  Not to mention the extended family that will likely be traipsing through your home during the next month or two.

While all that may be true, I am here to tell you some really great reasons you should make the effort to put (or keep) your home on the market during the most wonderful time of the year!



1.    Holiday house hunters are typically serious home buyers, they aren’t going to be looking during the holiday season unless they really want/need to buy.

2.    Your home will likely feel very homey during this season (as long as you don’t go Clark Griswald on the neighborhood).

3.    Showing may actually be easier than you think if you are planning on spending any time away visiting others during the holidays…your home becomes a “go and show” when you are out of town and is always show ready.

4.    Many of your neighbors will be having family and friends over for parties and such…if they love the neighborhood and see your for sale sign…you might just get some interested buyers.

5.    Let’s not kid…your house will smell amazing with all the pumpkin pies, sugar cookies, and breads you will be making.

6.    Lots of people get Christmas bonuses and some will likely plan to use theirs as a down payment…get those folks interested now, while they have the money!

7.    You don’t have to worry about any yard maintenance or up keep because your yard is likely dead, your leaves are already raked and flowers won’t be blooming for a while. 

8.    You can always ask Santa for a ready, willing and able buyer.

9.    People are generally happy during the holiday season, happy people make happy home buyers.

10.                      The majority of folks will think this is a bad time to sell a home so they will take their homes off the market or wait to put them on the market….this means you will have much less competition!


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