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Attract Buyers By Listing Your Nanaimo Home Over The Holidays

 Attract Qualified Buyers By Listing Your Nanaimo Home Over The Holidays

Have you ever noticed how Nanaimo listings drop off over the holiday season?  One of the main reasons that you may see fewer homes for sale is that sellers believe that there aren’t any buyers looking to buy in November and December.  Nothing could be further from the truth.

Nanaimo listings over the holidaysIf you need to sell your home in Nanaimo and are willing to think outside of the box and list your home over the holidays, you’ll find that there is less competition from other sellers in town.

It’s true that the amount of buyers looking at Nanaimo listings does decrease, but the buyers that are looking at houses are serious about buying, so you won’t be wasting your time with unqualified prospects that are really just window shopping.

Look at it this way:  If you were a buyer and needed to look at Nanaimo listings over the holidays, ‘why’ would you be looking for a house over the holiday season?

Typical answers to this question include:

1.  The buyer has to relocate for work-related reasons


2.  The buyers already sold their home and need to find a new home quickly


3.  Family reasons force the buyer to downsize or upsize

No matter what the buyers’ motivation is for finding a home to buy over the holidays, all of these reasons point to a very motivated buyer.

If you have a home in Nanaimo that you need to sell, thinking outside the box and listing your home over the holidays could very well lead to a quick sale to a very qualified and motivated buyer!


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