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Carriage homes in Nanaimo: What do I need to know?

Carriage homes in Nanaimo: What do I need to know?


In Nanaimo, the City Council adopted a Bylaw Amendment in 2008 which permits secondary suites referred to as “ Carriage Homes”.  

A Carriage home is intended for rental purposes or as independent living space for family members.  It is not possible to stratify the Carriage Home from the principal dwelling.  Carriage homes in Nanaimo

According to the secondary suite guide published by the City of Nanaimo ;  a secondary suite is allowed within an accessory building provided that: 

1. No secondary suite exists within the principal dwelling; AND 

2. A minimum of 30 m2 of private outdoor space is provided; AND 

3. The lot is a corner lot; OR

4. Accessed by a laneway; OR

5. Is greater than 800 m2 in lot area

Another requirement is that the accessory building, in this case the Carriage Home, shall not exceed 13% of the lot area to a maximum of 90 m2. Secondary suites are not permitted on lots less than 370 m2 in area.

Additionally there must be an area for parking if there is no garage or carport.

Please note, there may be variations to these requirements subject to what zone the residence is in.  

For more information, please refer to the Secondary Suite Guide


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