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Everything You need to Know about Moving to Nanaimo

Oh, the details…packing up and moving an entire household to a new place has to be one of the most stressful things ever. Don’t panic! Everything you need to know about moving to Nanaimo is right here: Moving to Nanaimo


  • Update your address — with banks, credit card companies, insurance companies, government, friends, family. Click here for the permanent change of address form with Canada Post.
  • Update phone, electricty and gas utilities —  schedule to be disconnected the day after you move and connected at your new location the day before you arrive: BC Hydro, Fortis BC Gas Services, Telus, Bell Mobility, Shaw    
  • Hire a moving company —  ask about the following charges (if any), and be clear about what the service includes and what is extra.
  • Travel time charges - by the hour or per kilometer?
  • Supplies and equipment charges - are dollies, shrink wrap, extra boxes, pads and straps extra?
  • Elevator or stairs charges - is there a long walk or hill climb?
  • Fuel chrages - by the hour or a percentage of the bill?
  • Furniture dissassembly/assembly charges - is it extra or included in the hourly rate?
  • Insurance charges
  • Manpower and trucks available - do they have the people and the fleet available to do your move, plus insurance coverage for their staff and customers?


  • Give yourself enough time to pack, usually 1 to 2 weeks. Don’t leave this until the last minute! If you don’t have time to pack yourself, get a quote for the moving company to help you. Improperly packing or doing a rush job, can result in damaged items.
  • Make an inventory while packing to track which items go where. If something gets lost or damaged along the way, you have a record of the box and other items it was packed with.
  • Pack a few boxes with the things you will need right away once you reach your new home. Label them accordingly and make sure they are put aside in the new location so you can find them.
  • Avoid using small or odd-size boxes, which can cause a problem stacking.
  • Use large size boxes so moving crews make fewer trips to the trucks.
  • For heavy items, such as books, pack them with other goods across several boxes to distribute the weight.
  • Protect valuables with towels or packing material. Always label these boxes FRAGILE or THIS END UP, or TOP ONLY (prevents items from being stacked on top.
  • Label boxes with the appropriate room they are going into.
  • Save money by moving small items in your own vehicle (such as small pictures, plants, and lamps).
  • Disassemble bed frames, dressers, mirrors, desks, sterio and TV equipment, computer equipment before the moving crew arrives.
  • Disconnect appliances before the moving crew arrives.

The YAY YOU MADE IT! Checklist

  • Take a deep breath. Order some yummy pizza or treat yourself out one of these fabulous Nanaimo restaurants. You’ve earned it!
  • Don’t look at all the unpacked boxes right away.
  • Connect with some of these organizations to help get you get settled:

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