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Free sprinkler system check-up in Nanaimo

Free sprinkler system check-up in Nanaimo

The Regional District of Nanaimo is offering a free irrigation system check-up.  This programme is available for a limited time to residents of the RDN. 

A team WaterSmart member will visit your home and assess the performance of your irrigation system.  If they find it is lacking in any way, or if it is using more water than it should, they will recommend improvements.  Did I mention that this service is FREE!

Free sprinkler system check-upYou might wonder "why does the RDN want to help me with my irrigation system?"  According to the RDN, water use can triple in the summer months due to all the watering people do.  If you have an irrigation system that is leaking or not functioning properly then even more water will be used and wasted.

I know that it seems hard to believe that we could possibly have a water shortage after all the rain we received these past months.  However, usage of excessive amounts of water during the drought like summer months can put a real strain on our water supply.

I am so impressed with the City of Nanaimo and the Regional District of Nanaimo.  I think their GREEN initiatives are wonderful!

For additional information on the FREE irrigation check-up or to book your appointment call 250-390-6560.

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