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How To Find The Best Trades People

People tend to associate with people like themselves.  With that in mind, here are the top three techniques to find Nanaimo trades people worth keeping:
#1: For attorneys and accountants conduct face-to-face interviews
Try using Craigslist and professional trade magazines, along with Internet searches for a specific type of practice.  Most are happy to take a little time and meet with potential clients, explain their practice and how their fees work.  If they’re too busy to do this, move on to your next choice.
You’re also able to explain your situation in detail and set the right expectations, along with discussing any projected projects.  
One thing that is not important when looking for a professional service vendor is a personality match.  Do you really want to seek out an accountant who is prone to practical jokes, just because you are?
#2: Referrals from existing vendors Tradespeople in Nanaimo
Once you’ve established a good relationship with a trades person, odds are they’re going to know others that can assist you.  It’s surprising how many trade referrals you can get from one or two vendors that work well for you.   
The first time you engage a trades person you’ll want to meet them, and have a face-to-face talk about what you are looking for, the possibility of future work, and what their areas of expertise are, so that everyone starts off on the right foot.  If you have a rental property you'll also want to gauge what impression the trades person is going to make on the tenants.
#3: Prospecting the neighborhood 
This works well for finding landscapers, plumbers and handymen, who tend to only work in one part of town or another.  Drive around the immediate area where your property is located and look for trades people in the middle of a project, then see if they don’t mind being interrupted to talk about your property just down the street.  
With this method it’s also easier to contact the neighbor they were doing the work for to check for customer satisfaction.  This is an especially good way to find excellent carpet cleaners and landscapers.
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