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How To Price Your Nanaimo Home to sell

How To Price Your Home to sell

One of the secrets to selling Nanaimo real estate is to make sure that you price your home correctly right from the start.

New sellers often think that it’s better to start high and see what happens.  This is almost always a big mistake.  If you price your home wrong you will lose a lot of potential qualified buyers, and even if you lower the asking price of you home, they will not come back.

Price Your Home to sellHow do you know how to price your home?

Most people have a pretty good idea of the price range that homes in their neighborhood have sold for, and it’s pretty easy these days to find a lot of information over the internet.  Before you even talk with a Realtor it’s a good idea to do some basic pricing research.

After comparison shopping on the internet, the next best thing is to look at your competition (homes on the market that are similar to yours) up close and in person.

Visit open houses, call FSBO signs and real estate agent signs.  My personal opinion is that it’s better to be up front with people when you contact them. 

By this I mean, don’t mislead people into thinking that you are a potential buyer for their house.  Instead, let them know that you’re thinking about selling and are wondering what sort of activity they’ve had so far.

Most people are very willing to share information with you, and you might even pick up some good marketing tips for when you do put your house on the market.

When your price shopping is done, the next step is to hire your Realtor and have them represent you in the sale of your Nanaimo home.  A good Nanaimo real estate agent will have their finger on the pulse of the market place and will understand what market trends are taking place before they show up in any reports.



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